Double Collection 2024

Our Double collection contains five of our most prolific double daylilies. One plant of each of the five varieties shown on this page for a summer “bloom show” you can enjoy throughout the season.

Save 31% ! A $159.95 value for only $109.99.


This collection of prolific doubles will ensure you have color from early season through the frost.

Save 31% ! A $159.95 value for only $109.99.

Big Kiss: 5 1/2″ bloom, 28″ tall, Mid Season + rebloom, Dormant These big, fluffy double blooms are a gorgeous blend of creamy light pink with a darker pink center. Nicely shaped on sturdy scapes, ‘Big Kiss’ is one of our favorites. Although listed as dormant, this variety has been proven to successfully grow  in zones 3-10

Condilla 4 1/2″ bloom, 20″ tall, Early-Mid Season + rebloom, Dormant Condilla daylily is one of the most popular and award-winning double daylilies of all time.  Vibrant gold blooms shine across the garden. A very vigorous performer with reliable rebloom. Many of our customers say Condilla actually looks more like a triple than a double daylily— in fact, that it is often described as looking more like a carnation than a daylily! (Trust us— it’s a daylily!)

Double Bourbon: 4 1/2″ bloom, 28″ tall, Early-Mid Season + rebloom, Dormant Blooms are a rich blend of amber, orange, and brown – we’ve yet to see another daylily quite like this one.

Love Unlimited: 7″ bloom, 34″ tall, Mid-Late Season + rebloom, Evergreen  Lovely peach double blooms with yellow undertones are a breath of fresh air in the garden.

Storm Chaser: * 4″ bloom, 30″ tall, Mid Season+rebloom, Evergreen Dark. Moody. Doubly Beautiful. You can’t look away from ‘Storm Chaser’ daylily!! Deep red double blooms have a purple undertone that creates a rich, nuanced color. Tall scapes around 30″ stand tall in stark contrast to the small, 4″ blooms, making  Storm Chaser look vaguely like beautiful little rainclouds dancing above the mid summer garden.  No matter how you look at it, you’ll be seeing Storm Chaser a lot: good rebloom means you’ll get to see these lovely blooms off and on throughout the season and, as a fast increaser, you’ll see it in greater numbers in the years to come.

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HOW TO GROW DAYLILIES: Daylilies are very easy-to-grow. They like a lot of sun and they like a lot of water. For more information on how to care for daylilies, click here.
WHAT DAYLILIES CAN I GROW: Most of you can grow any of the daylilies we sell. If you live in an area with a sustained cold period like we do in East Tennessee, you can grow all the varieties. However, If you live in an area that doesn’t get freezing weather in the winter (like zones 9 and 10), dormant varieties won’t work for you; you’ll need to choose evergreen or semi-evergreen varieties.

BIG PLANTS! When it comes to daylily plants, bigger is better! All of the plants we ship will be three fans or larger — two or three times (or more) what you might receive from other companies. Larger plants get established faster and bloom more quickly!

FARM-FRESH TO YOU! All of your plants will be freshly dug when you order. The leaves are trimmed and the plants are washed and air-dried. Your daylilies will be out of the ground less than 48 hours before they’re headed your way.

BONUS DAYLILIES: We send free daylilies (we call them “bonus” daylilies) with every order. These daylilies are equal to about 20% of your order, you get to choose what you’d like at checkout.

ABOUT US: Oakes Daylilies is a family-owned daylily farm that’s been in business for three generations. Our daylilies grow in home gardens, city parks and botanical gardens across the nation– including Hawaii and Canada. We are known in the industry as Daylily Experts and grow over 1000 varieties of daylilies on nearly 70 acres in East Tennessee. But over 50 years ago, we started just like you—with one daylily in a home garden.

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