Daylilies in the Landscape

Adding daylilies into your garden

Varied colors and sizes for every use!

Because of their low maintenance and because they do come back year after year, daylilies make great additions to any landscape. Use them as ground covers, to hold banks, as borders along fences and walks, and in decorative beds throughout the landscape. They also make attractive containerized displays!

Low Maintenance, Beautiful Plants!

If you’ve ever grown daylilies, you’re probably familiar with what a great plant they are. They have to be one of the easiest plants available —hardy perennials that require little maintenance and have almost no problems from pest or disease. And, of course, there is an incredible variety to choose from! Blooms in almost any color, in sizes from 2″ to 10″ and in a variety of shapes — perfectly round, to spiders to doubles. Useful as both specimens and mass plantings, there is a spot in every yard for a daylily!

Daylilies come in thousands of colors and varieties! For this reason, selecting daylilies that bloom and re-bloom during different times will extend the color in your landscape through every season! For the greatest impact in the landscape, plant your daylilies in groups of the same variety to ensure the same bloom time.

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