Oakes Daylilies Fertilizer

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Special Blend – created just for us by Beaty Fertilizer

Fertilizer is like a multivitamin for plants. It adds nutrients and minerals to the soil so the plant can remain healthy and continue to look beautiful in the garden.  We have known the folks at Beaty Fertilizer for many years and asked them to create a high quality fertilizer for daylilies. We are confident you’ll love the results you’ll see from this custom made blend.

In addition to a high percentage of nitrogen (which daylilies love!) a special feature of this fertilizer is that it contains mycorrhizal fungi. Mycorrhizal fungi helps build rich, fertile soil by releasing powerful enzymes that solubilize nutrients such as organic nitrogen and phosphorus. It also improves the health of the plant in that it increases the surface area of the roots which greatly improves its ability to access soil resources due to their mycelium, a network of fine white filaments that increase nutrient uptake.

In general, we only fertilize our daylilies once a year. We toss a handful around the drip line of the plant in the spring before the daylilies start blooming and water it in well. We typically don’t fertilize here at the nursery in the fall, but some folks do and it certainly can’t hurt. If you have an unusual soil condition, you may want to check with your local garden center to see what they would recommend.

4 pound bag of fertilizer, sprinkle some around each plant or broadcast over the bed, covers approximately 300 square feet, 75-100 daylilies