Dynamite Returns Daylily

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4 ″ bloom, 17″ tall, Early-Mid Season+Rebloom, Semi-Evergreen

Dynamite Returns daylily is a keeper! Cheerful rosy blooms with a lemon yellow throat rebloom throughout the season. Small flowers bloom on scapes that are on the shorter side of mid-sized. Perfect for the front of the border or in containers. (If you are short on space and want a powerhouse bloomer, this is the container daylily for you!)

We can't decide if we love it for its abundant bud count, for its heavy rebloom, or for that cheerful, rosy pink color. You decide!

Dynamite Returns is one of five daylilies in our Rebloom collection. If you like reblooming daylilies, you'll love this collection!

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‘Dynamite Returns’ Features:

Dynamite Returns daylily is an early to mid season bloomer and an undisputed knockout.  We can’t decide if we love it for its abundant bud count, for its heavy rebloom, or for that cheerful, rosy pink color.  Regardless, this small bloomed, mid-sized beauty has us all aflutter!

We look forward to the rosy blooms of Dynamite Returns all year. We are always rewarded in the early to mid season by a plethora of happy, rosy blooms! A prolific bloomer, this daylily is also a heavy rebloomer so we get to these gorgeous blooms off and on throughout the season. We are NOT unhappy about that!

Blooms are around 4″ and grow on sturdy 17″ scapes. A lightly ruffled edge pretty much pushes the whole bloom over the top in terms of beauty. A perfect fit for the front of the garden (and also because you don’t want to hide these cheerful blooms!) and a great variety for container planting. HELPFUL HINT: If you have limited space and need a daylily that 1) will grow well in a container, 2) blooms like crazy, and 3) is gorgeous this is the one for you!

An early to mid season bloomer, Dynamite Returns usually appears the first couple of weeks in June for us in our East Tennessee garden. If you are to the north of us, you’ll see it a bit later. Those of you to our south will get to see these bright beauties a week or so before we do. It is a Semi-Evergreen variety which means you can grow it no matter what planting zone you live.

We think Dynamite Returns looks gorgeous on its own en masse, but it also looks stunning when paired with yellow, pale pink and/or purple daylilies. Be still my heart!

Dynamite Returns is one of five daylilies in our Rebloom collection. If you like reblooming daylilies, you’ll love this collection!

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